Wassamassaw Baptist Church
Youth/Students Ministry
7th through 12th Grades
What’s going on with the Youth?
It’s been a few months since I have let you know what has been going on with the Youth. Since my last
report, we have gone kayaking, had 2 pool parties, been on a mission trip to Baltimore and by the time you
are seeing this, participated in DNOW. The Youth have been busy and getting to know each other as well
as learning how they fit into the Kingdom.
Mission trip to Baltimore.
Three of our Youth and 3 adults went on mission to the Church of the Harbor in Essex, MD. We arrived
Tuesday evening and got right to work. The church was sponsoring a National Night Out event and where
honoring some local first responders. We helped with set up and take down of the bounce castles, clean
up, handing out gifts for participants and just generally engaging with the people of the community. We
spent most of the next 3 days walking around the Hawthorne neighborhood of the Essex/Middle River area
and knocked on 1,000 doors (I know because that is how many fliers they printed and we ran out at
lunchtime on Friday). In our spare time, we repainted some bathroom walls to the new color scheme the
church wanted and in the evenings we played games and got to know each other better. Friday evening
was the big cookout, fellowship and a chance to interact with the people we had invited to the cookout. Our
hosts said they had not really done much work in that neighborhood and weren’t really expecting much from
a first effort. If we had 150 people attend the cookout, they would have considered that a success. Well,
nearly 400 people attended and we got to talk to a lot of those same people whose doors we had knocked
on their doors earlier in the week. Although there were no professions of faith, we did get to share the
gospel with several residents and some of them have started attending the Church of the Harbor.
DNOW (Discipleship NOW)
On October 4th and 5th our Youth will be participating in DNOW at the First Baptist Church in Moncks
Corner. Friday evening there will be a Worship Service that is styled to minister to young people. Saturday
morning, there will be games and opportunities for young people to get to know each other and make bonds
with other Christians in other local schools. Saturday afternoon is for service projects. As of the writing of
this note I do not know what our young people will be tasked to do (maybe next month I can tell you).
Saturday evening – another youth-centered Worship Service. This will be a great opportunity for our Youth
to experience Jesus with a large number of other young people who are in the same boat with them – trying
to live their faith in a sinful world that seems to be proud of their sin.
Coming up: Lowcountry Pregnancy Center Walk 4 Life
Our Youth will be participating in the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center Walk 4 Life (LW4L) on November 2nd at
Wannamaker County Park in North Charleston. We will be inviting other church members/attendees to join
us in assisting the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center (LPC) in helping save lives. If you can’t walk, you can
contribute. Through the month of October, our Youth will be asking for donations for the LPC. Every dollar
you can donate makes a big difference. As of the end of July, the LPC had provided over 370 nondiagnostic
ultrasounds to women who presented seeking an abortion, just this year. Unfortunately, 70 of
those women did not follow-up and we have no way of knowing what happened to those babies but, over
300 women accepted the services of LPC and chose life. Since 1973 when the US Supreme Court decided
Roe v. Wade, over 55 million abortions have occurred just in this country. Imagine how many of those
babies could have been saved if every community had a pregnancy center of this caliper in their community.
Please consider walking and/or giving.
“In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:10 ESV
Dr. Chris