Pastor Norman 9/2019

From Your Pastor’s Heart I would like to thank the Finance Committee for its hard work in preparing the proposed 2020 General Operating Fund budget and Goals for Mission Offerings. Preparing a budget is no easy task, and no budget is perfect. I believe, however, that this budget is sound and is aligned with our vision of “reaching our world and community for Jesus, and discipling them, one person at a time.” Our goal is to be an “outwardly focused” church that reaches out with Christ’s love to our growing community with the Gospel . To reach our community and world requires a financial commitment. This budget includes financial resources for our local community outreach, our Baltimore partnership, and our Nicaragua partnership.
We are also building a new worship center that requires a financial commitment from each member of our church family. This new facility will enable us to continue to grow in number so we can effectively minister to those around us. I encourage you to give to this project as generously as you are able.
I wholeheartedly endorse this budget, and I encourage you to support it. Together, let us trust God to accomplish, not what man can do, but what God can do through us.
Pastor Norman