Pastor Norman 6/2019

From Your Pastor’s Heart We are about to begin a new step in the process of the building of ournew worship center. About sixty men from Carpenters for Christ will be withus from June 5th through the 14th. They will be doing the work of framing theinterior of our building. They will be living on our church campus during this time. We appreciate these Christian men leaving their families and places of employment to serve us. We also have an opportunity to serve them. Our church will be providing three meals a day, snacks, and drinks during the day for these workers. There are several things you can do to help:  (1) Pray for their safety as the work and for their families at home. (2) As you have opportunity, thank them for their service. (3) If you haven’t already done so, volunteer to help by signing up on the big board in the foyer of the CLC. (4) You may give financially to help in the cost of the food and supplies.
God is doing His part. The Carpenters will do their part. Let’s do our part!
Serving Him together,
Pastor Norman