Pastor Kent 9/2019

Worship Matters September, 2019
As we continue this month to dive into the differences between Praise and Worship, I want you to be thinking about how you come each Sunday. Do you come with and attitude of awe toward to Lord, or do you come to just put another check mark on the board. Well, I did my duty for church this week. Remember that worship is not just a Sunday event. It is a lifestyle where each day we wake up and seek the Lord in intimacy. This month we will look at two different aspects between Praise and Worship.
First of all, Praise is always seen and heard. Worship isn’t. I can remember when I was 22 years old that I chose to run from the Lord. I dived into a life of sin for about 8 months. I would come to church every week and I would praise the Lord, but I could not worship Him with sin in my life. Sin will always put a wall between you and the Lord. Worship requires intimacy. You don’t always see that on the outside. We can see people praise, but only God knows whether or not it is true worship. Also, worship can happen without even saying a word. Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks our heart and worship to the Lord. I know there have been times I was in awe of God that I could not say a word. I just stood there in deep intimacy with the Lord. Secondly, Praise is more horizontal and worship is a vertical interaction. We can praise openly as we sing or talk about the Lord to one another. Worship is more private and is focused on God. When we worship we lose ourselves in deep intimacy with our God and Savior. Praise is more preparatory to bring us to the act of worship. You could say that Praise is the doorway into worship (Exploring Worship by Bob Sorge pg. 68-69).
Everyday we can experience worship if we set our hearts on God. Remember that what proceeds from the mouth, comes from the heart first. What do you talk about more than anything else. That is where your worship is! “O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1
Yours In Worship,
Pastor Kent Wilson