Pastor Kent 8/2019

Worship Matters
The University of Northern Iowa once offered a general art course that included a most unusual exercise. The teacher brought to class a shopping bag filled with lemons and gave a lemon to each class member. The assignment was for the student to keep his lemon with him day and night–smelling, handling, examining it. Next class period, without warning, students were told to put their lemons back in the bag. Then each was asked to find his lemon. Surprisingly, most did so without difficulty. (Ministry, September, 1984.)
This month I want to begin looking at the differences between praise and worship. The above gives a great illustration of one of the differences we will begin with. One of the biggest differences between praise and worship is intimacy. You can praise God from a distance. Even in scripture it tells us that the rocks, trees, mountains, stars, and all creation praise Him (Psalm 148). Yet all of these things do not have a relationship with Him. Even Hank Williams was not a religious man, and yet he wrote the popular gospel song I Saw the Light. Worship involves intimacy. It is communing with the heart of God. It is falling deeper and deeper in love with the God who saved us. Worship involves the vertical more than the horizontal. It brings us closer and closer to our Heavenly Father.
When you come into a time of worship, do you have a million other things on your mind? Or do you come with an anticipation of knowing God deeper and pouring out your love upon Him for all He has done for you? You can come and praise and miss out on the worship. My prayer is that you desire a deeper and stronger intimacy in your relationship with the Lord!
Yours In Worship, Pastor Kent Wilson