Pastor Kent 7/2019

Worship Matters July 2019
Have you ever been so captivated by something that it just took your breath away? I can remember when my oldest son Chandler was born. He was laying under the warmer after the doctor and nurses were done examining him. He was shaking and whimpering. Missy said to me, “Go over and sing to him his song.” When Missy was pregnant I would sing to him Because He Lives while laying on her stomach. I went over to him and began to sing. I was entering into my first moment of worship with my son. He quit whimpering and he turned and looked at me and just focused on my singing. In that moment I stopped singing because I was so overwhelmed with this tiny blessing God have given to me. Even His presence was so overwhelming to me that I could not speak or sing!
In II Chronicles 5:12-14 it tells of the story of the first worship in the Temple after Solomon had completed it. In these verse the musicians and singers began to worship and a cloud engulfed the entire Temple as the presence of God filled the place. It tells of how they could not continue to minister because of the cloud (presence of God). Can you imagine what that must have been like? They were so engulfed by the presence of the Lord that they could not see anyone or anything around them. All they could see was God’s Holy presence. This should be our goal each time we worship. To come into His presence and get so lost in him that we see nothing or no one around us. In that moment we are completely taken up with God! Bob Sorge, in his book Exploring Worship says, “This is the supreme goal of worship: to see only the Lord. There is no higher fulfillment for us, nor will there ever be.”
I believe for this to happen we must come with the right attitude and mindset. If we come with our hearts and minds focused on the issues of life and other things, we will miss out on seeing God in all of His glory! How you come to worship will determine how your worship experience will go. I have said this many times: If you come expecting nothing, then that is what you are going to get. If you come expecting God to move and work in your life, then that is exactly what you are going to get!
Yours In Worship, Pastor Kent Wilson