Pastor Kent 5/2018

Worship Matters
So many times, we hear the terms “praise and worship” together as they were the same entities. And although they are expressed outwardly the same, they each have their own nature and purpose. We are going to spend some time here on this subject in the newsletters ahead. My prayer is that you will gain a deeper understanding of who God is and how we approach Him in our praise and worship.
First let’s look at what the term praise means. Praise means to express warm approval or admiration for. It is not a difficult concept to understand. We give praise every day to our children, our employees, and even our pets! But praise to God goes above and beyond all of that. It is something that we deeply express toward God. We enthusiastically praise Him or express our deepest admiration to Him. Praise is when we become engrossed in our mind with who God is and what He has done. Praise can be expressed through singing, shouting, musical instruments, and, yes, my Baptist family, even dancing! The Hebrew people were very expressive in their praise. There is only God’s way when it comes to praising the Lord. Psalm 66:8 says, “Let the sound of his praise be heard.” We can’t be silent. We must vocalize our praise. Isaiah 40:9 says, “Lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not afraid!” It doesn’t matter if you have the nicest voice or can’t carry a tune in a bucket. We must never be afraid to lift up our God in praise. Remember that God hears your heart before He ever hears your voice! God is looking for genuine and authentic praise.
As you think on these things, where is your heart on Sunday mornings in worship? Where is your heart Monday through Saturday? God has given us so much to praise Him for! I encourage you this next month to write down everything you can think of to praise Him for. Then start using your voice to let others know just how great and awesome your God is!
Yours in Worship,
Pastor Kent Wilson