WBC Pastor Blogs

Pastor Norman 7/2018

From Your Pastor’s Heart
God’s story is the most important story of all. It is a grand narrative of God’s salvation history from Genesis to Revelation.


Pastor Norman 6/2018

From Your Pastor’s Heart 6/2018

I am blessed to be a pastor of a growing church which is committed to reaching our growing community for Christ.


Pastor Norman 5/2018

From Your Pastor’s Heart 5/2018

Our GROW campaign is now well under way. We have gathered in cottage prayer meetings lifting up our church, its leadership, and its ministry to God in prayer.


Pastor Kent 7/2018

Worship Matters July 2018

Last month we saw that Judah was known as the praising tribe.  We learned that the name Judah actually means praise.  This month


Pastor Kent 6/2018

Worship Matters June 2018

Last month we began a new journey of discovering the difference between praise and worship. As we began looking at praise last month I pray you took the challenge to write down everything you could think of to praise Him for.


Pastor Kent 5/2018

Worship Matters 5/2018

So many times, we hear the terms “praise and worship” together as they were the same entities. And although they are expressed outwardly the same, they each have their own nature and purpose.


Pastor Tex 7/2018

Updates from Pastor Tex 7/2018

We’ve had a busy and exciting time recently with many more opportunities in the near future.  The way the Church has worked together on our Grow Campaign is exciting and proved excellent results.  And, it would seem that the new building cannot be completed too soon as evidenced by our growing attendance.